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National Coach Museum

Museu nacional dos coches

The new Coach Museum emerges, not only, as a cultural site but also as a public utility space. In the words of the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha “the Museum has no doors and relates to all of its surroundings”. The project is more than a museum; in the end it functions as an urban infrastructure providing a public utility space for the city.

How to get here

  • Bus: 28, 714, 727, 729, 751
  • Tram: 15
  • Train: Cascais Line (Belém Station)
  • Boat: Belem River Station

How to get here from Museu da farmácia

  • Bus: 15E, 714, 727, 728 (aprox. 2€)
  • Train: Cascais Line (Belém Station) (aprox. 1,35€)


The National Coach Museum is located in downtown Lisbon.

Av. da Índia 136, 1300-004 Lisboa, Portugal

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