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TAP – Official Carrier

TAP Air Portugal has agreed to offer a discount to the participants of the The Plastics Heritage Congress 2019 – Plastics Heritage: History, Limits and Possibilities, who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP Air Portugal’s website.

 The code given to this event must be mentioned when making the booking in order to benefit from the discount:

  • enter the website
  • select flights and dates
  • insert the event code (IT19TPCG10) in the Promotion/Congress Code Box, located on the left side of the webpage


In case of questions, please contact TAP Air Portugal by the following email:


  • The discount applicable to this event is only valid for online bookings made through TAP Portugal’s website and with payment by credit card. The ticket will always be an electronic ticket.
  • Bookings made previously by travel agencies or at our desks are not eligible for this discount.
  • The final price shown at the end of the booking is the final fare, including the discount and all related taxes. The discount is applicable only over the fare, excluding all taxes related to the voyage.
  • The discount only applies to TAP operated flights. Bookings on or which include code-share flights operated by other airlines or on other airlines do not benefit from the discount. Code-share flights are
  • identified on online bookings with the message “OAL” or the Star Alliance logo, or the Star Alliance logo plus TP475.
  • The discount is not accumulative with fares for resident / student / child / infant /senior, etc.
  • The discount applies only for travel to the event. It is valid for round trip journeys from any TAP destination to Lisboa.
  • The booking can be made at any time. The travel dates must be comprehended in the period of 10 days before / 10 days after the event dates. The dates of the event must be comprehended in the period of travel.
  • The discount is also extended to the participants accompanying persons (adults).
  • The conditions and restrictions regarding changes and refunds are those of the applicable fare. Please check the fare details before ending your booking.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact:


Lisbon offers a variety of accommodation facilities suitable for your stay. However, these are our recommendations.


The weather in Lisbon is characterized as being a Mediterranean climate. With rainy winters and dry, hot summers, the average annual temperature in the city is around 21.3ºC (70.3ºF).

During the month of May, the average temperature ranges from 13.9ºC (57ºF) to 22.1ºC (71.8ºF).


emergency numbers

National Emergency Number



Hospital Dona Estefânia

Hospital Egas Moniz

Hospital Santa Maria

Hospital São Francisco Xavier

Hospital São José

Hospital São Luís


Fire Department

portuguese red cross

lost and found

  • 112
  • 21 358 83 00
  • 21 841 35 00
  • 21 312 66 00
  • 21 365 00 00
  • 21 793 27 62
  • 21 301 73 51
  • 21 301 73 51
  • 21 321 65 00
  • 800 20 21 34
  • 800 20 21 35
  • 800 20 21 36
  • 800 20 46 13
  • 21 342 22 22
  • 21 392 47 00
  • 21 303 03 60/3
  • 213 427 707


The city is served with a local airport, Humberto Delgado Airport, used by most of the major air flight companies.

National and international trains arrive every day at Santa Apolónia and Oriente stations making it easy to reach the venue. The railway system extends to the rest of the city and it is connected to the subway lines.

Lisbon has a total of four subway lines (Red Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line and Green Line) that connect most of its territory.

Several bus lines run throughout the city, offering daytime and night services.

money exchange


13 locations in Lisbon including the airport of Lisbon and the cruise terminal

The opening hours are different for every counter

Contact information: +351 213 429 760 (general help line)


9 locations in Lisbon including the airport of Lisbon

The opening hours are different for every counter

Contact information: + 351 213 405 170 (general help line)

real transfer

4 locations in Lisbon: Arroios, Benfica, Marquês de Pombal and Rossio

The opening hours are different for every counter

Contact information: +351 808 200 404 (free costumer service line)

Visit Lisbon

close by: bairro alto& cais do sodré

Bairro Alto might be an old neighborhood, but it is young in spirit. Known for its bar-hopping culture, it is a mecca for young adults who want the night to last until the morning. Peaceful at day and busy at night, Bairro Alto mixes bars and dated houses in an environment impossible to experience anywhere else in the city. 

Cais do Sodré indicates the arrival to possibly the busiest part of Lisbon. The music coming from the bars awakes the party goers to another promising night at the Pink Street. Notorious for its chaotic nightlife, Cais do Sodré also offers daytime entertainment. This area is filled with international cuisine options and trendy cafés.



Situated on the western part of central Lisbon, Belém is one of the most historically relevant districts of the city. With a vast cultural heritage, given the great Portuguese marine discoveries of the 15th and 16th centuries, it is home to the city’s most quintessential tourist attractions


The place where celebrated writers came to write is now a cultural neighborhood packed with old bookstores, theaters and churches. Very close to Bairro Alto, Chiado is the place to meet before a night out. Despite the buildings dating back to the 18th century, Chiado has stood the test of time by being one of the most active areas in Lisbon.


Surrounded by shops, cafés and restaurants, Rossio hides its past quite well. This square was the stage for bullfighting, military parades and bonfires of the Inquisition. Rossio now hosts a monument dedicated to King Pedro IV standing between two baroque fountains.

praça do comércio

At the center stands a statue of King José focusing his eyes on the river. Lisbon’s vastest square was once a port, before being destroyed by the 1755 earthquake and tsunami. Today, it is a symbol of the the Pombaline architectural style. 


The oldest district in Lisbon is where the most traditional elements of the city can be found. Much like its soul, Alfama smells of grilled fish, echoes the sound of Fado and serves emblematic Portuguese cuisine.

parque das nações

Parque Nações is a civil parish in eastern Lisbon. Previously an industrial area, it was remodeled into an avant-garde architectural business center. A mixture of green spaces and glass-walled buildings, Parque das Nações is perhaps the most modern part of the city.

Outside Lisbon


The perfect site for a one-day trip, Sintra is known for its Romantic style of architecture. Part of the Greater Lisbon Region, it is considered part of the Portuguese Riviera. Sintra is home to the Romanticist castle Pena Palace and the Palace of Sintra, resulting in its UNESCO World Heritage Site classification.


About 35km from Lisbon, Ericeira sits on the western coast of the country. This seaside fishing town is Europe’s surfing mecca. Ericeira’s exceptional beaches have impressive conditionals that allow for an unforgettable surfing trip.


Cascais is a coastal town situated 30km from Lisbon. This cosmopolitan suburban area is part of the Portuguese Riviera and was once a fishing community. Today, its beaches invite locals and tourists for a day trip, followed by a visit to its 19th century monuments.


White houses and cobbled streets paint the picture of a charming small town protected by a medieval castle. Just 80km from Lisbon, Óbidos is an obligatory stop in your trip. Taste the local ginjinha, served in a chocolate cup, and lose yourself in the maze of unparalleled alleys.


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